Thursday 9 August 2018

The impact of "bad" commuting on our mental health - time for a new approach?

I have been wondering for a while if I'm part of the last generation of commuters... Those that are part of that mad rush to get up, dash to the station only to find out that the train you want is cancelled... Then the tube has a signal failure and you find yourself as I do now sat on a central line train in a tunnel that has been going no where for half an hour on one of the hottest days of the year. Looking to my watch I see I've now missed my 9 o'clock meeting and am wondering if I will make it in to the office in time for my 10 o'clock...

The stress, the tiredness, the long days and the loss of evenings - it all adds up to quite poor mental health... It can't be that long now until we all collectively say "enough"...?

Wednesday 1 August 2018

Windows 10 - 3 years on, going strong? Is it the same?

On the 1st August 2015, I wrote a blog post called "Welcome to Windows 10 - the last version ever?" and 3 years on it seems to be partially true...!

Why? Well, Microsoft have followed a two releases a year cycle ever since and each arguably release has been a new version - we have had: The catchy titled 1511 edition after 4 months, then the Anniversary edition after a year; the Creators Update in April 2017, followed by the Fall (its Autumn!) Update in October 2017 and now we have just had the April update in, err, April 2018...

So, is it the same version as the one I installed on release day back in 2015? What is it really like 3 years on...?