Monday 29 June 2015

W. A. I. T. - wait a great way to reconsider meetings

I am sure we have all been in those meetings which have been dominated by one or two "big personalities" who feel they are the one that needs to do all the talking. Even if its on topics they are not an "expert" or otherwise in.

It can be deeply frustrating for other people in the same meeting as often they will have good or even better points of view to give that can't be brought in to the discussion.

Its a key leadership skill to be able to effectively collaborate with others and that includes spotting when you find yourself taking over a meeting and also recognising when others are better placed to answer or even lead part of the meeting. I wish others could also follow this.

Therefore, I was quite pleasantly surprised and rather pleased when I found this picture that had clearly been put up by someone who had ended up in an equally frustrating situation. Therefore it seemed only right to share it more widely with others.

The basic concept is WAIT - Why Am I Talking...

During a meeting before you speak, think, WAIT, and then judge the situation are you best placed to answer or could others, make sure everyone is collaborating and involved and also if you are the one talking - please be concise, succinct and to the point. Don't repeat back what has already been said or worse talk but avoid and evasively not answer the question. Normally in my view its best to be matter of fact, open, honest and to the point. If something is wrong don't hide it. Discussions, debates, meetings and ultimately the decisions they contribute towards run a lot smoother and with better outcomes through collaboration and honesty.

So going forwards, I will always first WAIT - I hope by sharing others might also find this useful too!

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